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Norton Associates Plumbing - Website Transfer

Proposal presented by: Packet Pi

We don’t need to tell you how important your website is to your brand, your customer experience, and your ability to interact with your target audience.

It’s not about your website looking cool – it needs to look on-brand, work smoothly, allow users to easily find what they’re looking for, and do what you want them to do. It needs to load quickly, be search-engine friendly, simple for your team to update, and responsive to whatever kind of device users are viewing from. You need a blog that gives you a voice to position yourselves as leaders in your industry and engages with your target audience.

At Packet Pi LLC, we can make this all happen with more gain than pain. We’ll transform your site from being a cumbersome, persnickety afterthought to being one of the most valuable members of your team.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.


Scope of Services


The first step is we need to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behavior, and how your website factors into all of it. We’ll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function and then improve on that. This stage will give us the foundation for moving forward with just the right recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.


Once we’re armed with this information, we’ll set to work sketching out interface layouts for 3-5 different views, including the home page, subpage, the blog template, and any additional templates needed. Wireframes look like simple skeletons of your website without the visual polish of the finished design, allowing us to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly so that we have a good sense of how content should be laid out across different screen sizes. We recommend having all of your content ready by this stage which will inform the design and make it faster to load the initial content on the development server so content doesn't hold back the launch. If you won't be able to provide professionally written content by this stage we recommend having our in-house copywriter create the content for you. Next, we’ll design high-fidelity comps that show what the final designs will look like on desktop, tablet, and smart-phone screen sizes, providing up to two rounds of revisions on the design.


Next, we'll set to work making your design a reality by building the site using standards-based technology. We'll build the front-end templates in HTML5, CSS, and use JQuery for simple behavior and effects like animations and form validation.

WordPress Theme Development

We recommend WordPress as your content management system (CMS) so you can update the content yourself. WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS in the world and has thousands of developers constantly improving it and contributing plugins to extend its functionality. We'll install WordPress on your server, set up the admin panel for you and then create a custom WordPress theme that will mirror the design we created for you. Your website will initially contain between 5-10 static pages (ie: pages that don't change often) including the home page, about us, our services, our team, and contact us. You will be able to add new top-level and secondary pages to the site navigation yourself in WordPress. We'll also set up a blog for you to publish posts that will be displayed in reverse chronological order with pagination, search, tagging and category filters. The website will include a social media widget on the home page to display your Twitter feed, social share buttons on your blog posts, a simple email form on your contact page, and an email newsletter sign up form which we'll hook into your Mailchimp account. Plugins are a way to extend the functionality of WordPress and make the admin panel easier to manage. We'll install a limited number of plugins for launch, which will include a simplified way to manage the navigation, automatically backup the database, SEO tools so you can manage the title and meta description tags, and an XML site-map generator which will help Google index your pages automatically.


We'll test the website in a variety of browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. We'll also test the responsive design on iPhone and Android devices. We'll test the functionality of the site to ensure there are no errors or broken links and then hand it over to you for review on a test server. You'll have two rounds of minor revisions or tweaks to the sites, and then we'll launch.


Once you’ve tested the website and are happy with its functionality, we’ll make the WordPress theme live on your website and point your domain over to the new site. Launch time!

Additional Recommendations

Google My Business Page

When locating a business, a Google My Business page is essential. From beginning to end, we create and setup a page to accurately reflect your business to help customers find you. This also doubles as an excellent tool for customers to leave reviews. As a bonus, having a Google My Business page helps boost SEO.

Website Video

Help your business stand out with a polished video for your website. This can be an excellent way to engage with your audience. Google also ranks based on how many videos are on a website.


If you find producing content is difficult, we have copywriters who are trained in writing for the web and in writing persuasive sales copy that will drive more conversions on your landing pages.

Support Retainer

We recommend retaining our services after the site is launched to assist with any further support issues that arise. As part of this retainer, we will also provide monthly analytics reports and recommendations to further improve your site conversion.

User Testing

Although not required, testing the designs with real users will greatly improve the quality of the finished design and help catch usability issues before time is spent building out the designs. User testing involves our usability professionals recruiting up to 5 users and asking them to perform tasks. We record the results of the test and then deliver the video to you along with a list of usability issues or comments that our design team can implement. It’s like the digital version of the old adage “Measure twice, cut once.”


To complete the work outlined in the project scope, we'll need approximately 4 weeks from beginning to end, depending on when we receive feedback at each milestone. Upon signing the proposal we are prepared to start work immediately.

Estimated Timeline:

4 Weeks

Research/Receive Content
Week 1
Code HTML/CSS Templates
Week 2
Back-end Development
Week 3
QA Testing and Review
Week 4
Deployment to Live Site
Week 4
Website Training


Below is the budget we've estimated based on the scope of services outlined earlier in this proposal. If you have any questions about our pricing or need to increase or decrease the scope of work, please leave a comment and let us know.

Initial design, site-map
Front-End Development HTML, CSS and Javascript
WordPress Development WordPress installation, configuration and theme development
QA Testing, Launch, & Training
Website Hosting - Security, SSL, Backups, Software Updates, etc. $60/mo

Total: $1500

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

This proposal has already been approved!


  1. Please read the contract on the previous page to make sure you understand all the details involved with us working together. It’s really important to us that everything is transparent and understood from the beginning so that we lay a solid foundation for a great working relationship.
  2. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We’re happy to clarify any points and there may be some items that we can sort out together. We’re committed to finding the best way to work together.
  3. Once you feel confident about everything and are ready to move forward, please type your name above.
  4. Press 'enter' on your device to make the acceptance official.
  5. Once we receive notification of your acceptance, we’ll contact you shortly to sort out the next steps and get the project rolling.
  6. If you’d like to speak to us by phone, don’t hesitate to call.

Why Us?

At Packet Pi LLC, we’re all about the experience. We design simple, compelling, and functional websites that make it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive at your site and then convert them into paying customers. It’s about creating an online experience that transforms users into followers, customers into ambassadors. We do this by listening to you, understanding your target audience, and putting our extensive online knowledge to work on a plan that will improve your business goals and change the way you think about the potential of the internet. Oh, and if you’re wondering, we’re mobile-first. It’s not just the way of the future. It’s the way of right now.

DESIGN We create look-and-feel designs, and flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. We create designs iteratively and use predominantly HTML and CSS so we won’t waste time mocking up every template as a static visual. We may use static visuals to indicate a look-and-feel direction (colour, texture and typography.) You’ll have two or more weekly opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. If, at any stage, you’re not happy with the direction our work is taking, you will pay us in full for everything we’ve produced up to that that point and then cancel this contract. TEXT CONTENT Writing or inputting any text copy is not included in this contract. If you’d like us to write new content or input text for you, we’re happy to provide a separate estimate for that. PHOTOGRAPHS You’ll need to supply graphic files to us in an editable, vector digital format. Photographs must be in a high-resolution digital format. If you choose to buy stock photographs, we can suggest stock libraries and style of photography/images. If you’d like us to search for photographs for you, we can provide a separate estimate for that. We also have an in-house photographer available for personalized photos. Cost of buying stock photographs or a photoshoot is not included in this contract. HTML, CSS AND JAVASCRIPT We deliver templates developed from HTML5 markup, CSS2.1 + 3 stylesheets for styling and unobtrusive Javascript for feature detection, poly-fills and behaviors. WORDPRESS INTEGRATION We'll setup, install and configure WordPress on your hosting server as described in the scope of work section. WordPress is a third-party tool and therefore we can't be responsible for any bugs associated with WordPress or it's plugins. If any bugs are found during the development phase or 30 days after launch we'll fix it (if possible) or update Wordpress or the faulty plugin if it's available, but after the 30 days we'll charge at our hourly rate of $100. BROWSER TESTING Browser testing no longer means attempting to make a website look the same in browsers of different capabilities or on devices with different size screens. It does mean ensuring that a person’s experience of a design should be appropriate to the capabilities of a browser or device. DESKTOP BROWSER TESTING We test our work in current versions of major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), and Mozilla Firefox. We’ll also test to ensure Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for Windows users get an appropriate, possibly different, experience. We’ll implement a single column design for Internet Explorer 7 and below for Windows but we won’t test in other older browsers unless you specify otherwise. If you need an enhanced design for an older browser, we can provide a separate estimate for that. MOBILE BROWSER TESTING Testing popular small-screen devices is essential in ensuring that a person’s experience of a design is appropriate to the capabilities of the device they’re using. We test our work in: • iOS: Safari • Android 4.1: Google Chrome, Firefox • Android 3.2: Browser, Firefox We currently don’t test Blackberry OS or Blackberry QNX, Opera Mobile, Symbian or other mobile browsers. If you need us to test using these, we can provide a separate estimate for that. TECHNICAL SUPPORT We’re not a website hosting company so we don’t offer support for website hosting, email or other services relating to hosting. You may already have professional hosting and you might even manage that hosting in-house; if you do, great. If you don’t, we can set up an account for you at one of our preferred hosting providers. We can set up your site on a server, plus any statistics software such as Google Analytics and we can provide a separate estimate for that. After that, any updates to, and management of that server will be up to you.

Terms and Conditions

THIS WEBSITE DESIGN CONTRACT (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), is made on today's date by and between Packet Pi, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Designer"), and the client. (hereinafter referred to as the "Client"). WHEREAS, Client is engaging Packet Pi, LLC as an independent contractor for the specific web design project of developing and/or improving a web site, hereinafter referred to as "Web Design Project" to be installed on the client's account on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) / Web Presence Provider (WPP) computer, hereinafter referred to as "Hosting Service"; WHEREAS, Designer works as a contractor for clients and designs websites for use on the Internet; WHEREAS, Client desires to engage the services of Designer for the purposes of designing the Website for the Client; and, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, Designer desires to accept said engagement; Client hereby authorizes Packet Pi, LLC to access Client's Hosting Service, and authorizes the Hosting Service to provide Packet Pi, LLC with full access to the client's Hosting Service account, and any other programs needed for this web design project that are included as part of the client's service agreement/level. Client also authorizes Packet Pi, LLC to submit the completed Web Design Project to major Web Search Engines for search engine optimization ("SEO"). NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises, covenants and other good and valuable consideration hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto agree as follows: SERVICES a. Included Services. Designer agrees to provide the website design services (the "Services") set forth in the Statement of Work, attached hereto as Exhibit "A", and incorporated herein (the "SOW"), subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the SOW. b. Excluded Services. Designer's Services hereunder shall be limited to the services specified in the SOW, and shall expressly exclude any services not expressly specified in the SOW (each an "Excluded Service"). In the event Client desires to engage Designer to provide any Excluded Service, a change order detailing such engagement shall be executed between the parties. FEES AND COSTS In consideration for the Services performed by Designer hereunder, Client agrees to pay Designer the fees and costs set forth in the SOW (collectively the "Fees and Costs"), upon the schedule set forth in the SOW. The Fees and Costs represent the total fees, costs and charges for the Services and will not be increased during the Term of this Agreement except pursuant to a mutually agreed upon change order. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Designer owns copyright to the finished, and all prior and subsequent renditions, of the Web Design Product. Client will be assigned rights to use the Web Design Project as a website, in perpetuity, once final payment under this Agreement and any additional charges incurred have been paid. Rights to photos, graphics, and source code, work-up files and computer programs are specifically transferred to the Client. Designer retains the right to display graphics and other web design elements as examples of its work in its portfolios. All web design projects will contain a copyright/legal page with a link to website. The Client unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to Designer for inclusion in the Web Design Project are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect and defend Designer and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client. RELATIONSHIP OF THE PARTIES Designer agrees that: (i) the Services will be rendered by Designer as an independent contractor; (ii) this Agreement does not create an employer-employee relationship between the parties; (iii) Designer shall have no right to receive any employee benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance, life insurance, sick leave and/or vacation; and (iv) Designer shall pay all taxes including, self-employment taxes due in respect of the Fees and Costs; REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND INDEMNIFICATION a. Client represents and warrants to Designer that: (i) Client has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement; and (ii) Client is under no restrictions or obligations, contractual or otherwise, that are inconsistent with the execution of this Agreement or will interfere with Client's performance of any of Client's obligations hereunder. b. Designer represents and warrants to Client that: (i) Designer has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement; and (ii) Website will function in conjunction with most properly configured web and mobile browsers including, but not limited to, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox c. Client hereby indemnifies and holds Designer harmless from any and all damages, claims, liabilities, and costs (including reasonable attorney's fees), or losses of any kind or nature whatsoever which may in any way arise from the services performed by Designer under this Agreement or any breach or alleged breach of this Agreement. Designer will cooperate with Client to provide reasonable assistance in defending against any such claim. DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY a. Client expressly agrees that the Services are provided at Client's sole risk. The Services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Designer expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Designer makes no warranty that the Services will meet Client's requirements, or that the Services will be uninterrupted or error free. Client understands and agrees that all Services are performed at Client's own discretion and risk and that Client will be solely responsible for any damages or losses that results from the Services. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by Client from Designer shall create any warranty not expressly made herein. b. Designer shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from the use or the inability to use the Services. Designer shall not be liable for the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services or resulting from any goods or services purchased or obtained in connection with the Services. Client hereby expressly waives any right to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for claims disputes and other matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement and/or the Services. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Designer's maximum liability to Client arising hereunder shall be limited to the sums paid by Client to Designer hereunder. RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS a. Each party hereto shall keep the other party's "Confidential Information", including, but not limited to, business secrets, customer, supplier, logistical, financial, research, technical and development information, as well as all other information which can reasonably be discerned to be confidential, and all information designated as confidential, strictly confidential and shall not disclose such information to any third party without the prior written consent of the confiding party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term "Confidential Information" shall not include any information which: (i) can be demonstrated to have been in the public domain or was publicly known or available prior to the date of the information was shared with the other party; (ii) can be demonstrated in writing to have been rightfully in the possession of the other party prior to the sharing of such information; (iii) becomes part of the public domain or publicly known or available by publication or otherwise, not due to any unauthorized act or omission on the part of other party; or (iv) is supplied to the other by a third party without binder of secrecy, so long as such third party has no obligation to the confiding party to maintain such information in confidence. Each party understands that its obligations hereunder with respect to any Confidential Information will terminate only at such time (if any) as said Confidential Information ceases to be confidential as set forth above. MISCELLANEOUS a. No failure by Designer to perform any of its material obligations hereunder shall be deemed a breach hereof, unless the Client has given written notice of such failure to the Designer, and Designer fails to cure such non-performance within (30) days after receipt of such notice. All notices, statements and/or requests for approvals (each a "Notice") that either party hereto is required or may desire to give to the other party shall be given in writing by addressing the same to the other party at the addresses set forth below, or at such other address as may be designated in a Notice to the other party. Notices shall be made by personal delivery, courier, or by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid. Notice shall be deemed given on the date of delivery to the other party. b. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto with respect to the specific subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings of any kind with respect to the specific subject matter hereof. c. In the event that any provision or part of this Agreement shall be deemed void or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions or parts shall be and remain in full force and effect. d. Any and all additions, deletions, or modifications to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by the parties or it shall have no effect and shall be void. e. This Agreement is binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the respective successors, licensees and/or assigns of the parties hereto. Notwithstanding the foregoing, neither party may assign or transfer its rights or delegate its obligations under this Agreement without the other party's prior written consent, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld. f. This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. Any lawsuit arising out of this agreement shall be brought in a court located within Washington County, Indiana.

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